Q: Who can attend the fair?

A: Everyone who is looking for a job or business opportunity can attend.

Q: I am currently working, can I still attend the Fair?

A: Absolutely. You may have the skills the employers are looking for.

Q: How should I dress?

A: It is strongly recommended that you dress professionally for any interview. A conservative approach is recommended. Looking like you mean business is very important.

Q: What should I bring?

A: It is recommended that you bring enough resumes.

Q: Where do I park?

A: Parking is $10  at all parking structures located around the event. Metered parking is available in surrounded streets, however time limits may vary.

Q: Will I have a chance to interview at the Fair?

A: Normally recruiters do not have enough time to interview on the spot, however, what you can do is sharpen your ‘elevator speech’ and bring a top-notch resume to make a good first impression.

Q: Will I meet recruiters?

A: All recruiters are interested in meeting potential candidates. However, it is your responsibility to initiate contact. Keep in mind that any time you meet potential employers, you are being evaluated – even if the meeting lasts only a minute or two. This is why first impressions are so critical.