How to Represent Yourself at a Job Fair

Posted on Aug 9, 2012

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By Elizabeth Smith, eHow Contributor


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At a job fair, presentation is important.

A job fair offers the opportunity to present your skills and experience to multiple employers at once, allowing you to reduce the time spent hunting for job openings and sending out applications. At a job fair, you can speak to employees at companies in your field and gauge how well they fit with your career interests. Because of the high number of applicants that visit career fairs, the way you represent yourself is crucial, as it can be the factor that causes an employer to call you back instead of discarding your resume.




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      Show your personality while talking to interviewers. Stand out from other candidates by being yourself; companies are looking for someone who fits well on their team, not just a stiff applicant who has the right qualifications. Smile, show your sense of humor and let your unique style show through. Wear professional clothing, but don’t feel restricted to a suit; add accessories or unique pieces that increase your comfort level.

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      Rehearse your self-promotion speech. Because you will have limited time with each of your target companies at a job fair, be prepared to summarize your qualifications and experience in two or three sentences. Explain your years in the business, the skills that will be useful to the company and results you have achieved in past jobs. Practice the speech until you can recite it naturally and adjust it to suit each company at the job fair.

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      Offer your resume and portfolio samples. Hand out your resume to people as soon as you have introduced yourself and discussed the open jobs in the company. If you have samples of past work, present them to the employer to set yourself from other candidates; give a short explanation of your top projects and leave behind copies for the representative to peruse later.

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      Communicate your professionalism and industry knowledge. As you speak to each prospective employer at the job fair, maintain a relaxed but professional demeanor to set the interviewer at ease. Use jargon and anecdotes to demonstrate your knowledge of the company and the industry. Refer to your experience and connect it to the work the company is doing.

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      Ask intelligent questions to let your top companies know that you have taken time to research their business. Prepare questions about how the open position relates to the company’s current business strategy or product development campaign, for example, or ask how you will support a certain area of the business. If you feel comfortable, ask the company representative about their job, how they like the company and how it has helped their professional development.

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